GOLD: Fully Guided Online Coach Training


Are your Gen-Y staff demanding more and more regardless of their experience? Are concerned about losing your best staff ? Are you wondering what to say to keep them satisfied and doing what they are paid to do?

Then it's time to change the conversations you are having ......

We will teach you how to master the art of coaching,  collaborating and planning with them so you retain them longer and quickly see a strong ROI for your efforts!.



Here is a quick sample from our Module 1 Webinar in our 7 part series


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Access Module 1 (MP3 recording) and Learn:

The biggest mistakes that managers make when coaching Gen- Y

The top 4 most powerful questions to ask when coaching Gen-Y

The 7 step-by-step approach to begin effectively coaching today

The 7 Principles you need to abide by when coaching



Gen-Y are on the move every two years and costing employers up to $25,000 per move in replacement and on-boarding costs.  However, global and Australian research shows that when a manager uses collaborative coaching rather than directional management techniques, Gen-Y engage enthusiastically, feel valued and are far more likely to be retained for longer.

This course is for you if you are:

  • Managing a team of Gen-Y staff (who are aged 19 - 32 ys) and want to proactively develop their potential 
  • Keen to understand their strengths and identify how to bridge the gaps in their competency
  • Seeking the words and phrases to use to bring out their best.
  • Wanting to break through and lift the team to a higher level of delivery.

In my GOLD: How to Coach Your Staff Training, I share with you step-by-step, the powerful coaching techniques that will help you develop and retain high potential Gen Y staff and effectively manage more challenging performers.

These Workplace Coaching Skills will require you to adapt your style and take on what has been referred to as an uncommon dialogue often lacking in the workplace.

Techniques are based on Executive Coaching principles and skills that help managers to quickly align with, motivate, stretch and hold their Gen-Y staff accountable for their own results. And Gen-Y love it, often ranking it in the top 5 benefits that would make them stay with an organisation.

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HTCYS 25 percent    

      With your new workplace coaching skills you will be able to:

  • Plan and hold 1:1 coaching sessions with your key high performing staff
  • Unlock and help them develop their own potential
  • Listen for what is and what is NOT being said
  • Ask powerful questions that help staff see things differently
  • Teach staff how to set compelling goals that inspire and motivate them
  • Challenge them to come up with their own creative solutions
  • Give honest feedback with ease
  • Stop rescuing them with the answers they don't need or want.
  • Learn what to say to help them hold themselves accountable
  • Wrap up sessions with agreed strategies that they come up with.

What it takes

GOLD Fully Guided on-line Coach Training is ideally suited to managers with Gen Y staff (under 32 years of age) who are genuinely interested workplace coaching techniques to retain and develop their top Gen-Y staff.

If you can commit to 3 hours a week over 7 weeks, much of it in your own time, comprised of online learning, workplace coaching assignments and phone tutorials, and are keen to learn the leadership style that Gen Y are looking for then we'd love to hear from you.

4 x 7 week public courses will be available in 2017, beginning  February , May, August and October 


Next Public GOLD: Fully Guided Coach Training 

Monday October 17th  - Friday December 2nd 2016

7 Powerful Weeks 

Cost: $1495 pp

Private tailored courses for a minimum of 6 managers are available on request 


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Anne I’ve been impressed very much by the professionalism of Juliette and her team. A real bonus is that it’s been personally inspiring and highly motivational. I’d recommend the GOLD Coach Training to anyone who’s keen to take themselves and their staff to higher levels of achievement”.

Anne Cooper: Senior Director Sales.

MariaI found the online coaching course extremely beneficial.  Before this course I would often find solutions for staff however the coaching disciplines taught in the sessions gave my staff member an opportunity to think for herself and own her ideas. This transformation was as empowering for me as her coach. I would highly recommend the GOLD course to anyone who wants to improve themselves, empower their teams and create a more effective department. Leave any barriers at the door and come with an open mind!

 Marissa Fiacchi – Marketing Manager Eblen Subaru