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Coach Talk for IT Leaders

Packed with over 30 challenging IT staff scenarios that IT managers face, this e-book provides simple to use coaching scripts, guidelines, and phrases to take the stress out knowing what to say - a MUST Have for any IT Manager who wants to step up to lead and develop their team more effectively.

25.00 AUD

Coach Talk for Managers ebook

“Coach Talk for Managers” arms you with short easy coaching scripts for 30 of the most challenging staff scenarios that Gen Y managers tell us they face. Zero in on the words that really matter. Written by experienced Executive Coaches, Coach Talk for Managers provides the words and guidance to set yourself up for a successful conversations in tricky situations

19.95 AUD

How To Coach Your Staff: GOLD Public Training

Our signature GOLD Coach Training course is for busy Managers with Gen Y Staff who want to learn the Leadership Coaching approach that Gen- Y responds to best. This 7 week on-line Workplace Coaching course is extremely personable with regular access and support from your Coach. It utilises webinars, MP3 recordings, video and materials through an online portal. Ideal for busy managers who like diving in to do the work without wasting time away from the office.

1495.00 AUD

How To Coach Your Staff - DIY Training

Our "How to Coach Your Staff" Training program also comes as a D.I.Y. kit. It contains similar content to our GOLD Public How To Coach Your Staff Coach Training Course, in an online and hard-copy format but does not contain the live coaching or live tutorials that our GOLD members receive throughout the 7 weeks. This is an excellent option for those who like to study and trial new behaviours on their own to their own time frame.

595.00 AUD

Mentoring for Executives - short term

Our Mentoring for Executives is ideal for experienced, often senior managers who are looking for immediate external guidance and support in how best to manage staff, colleagues, suppliers or customers. This highly confidential and supportive 1:1 Mentoring contains 8 hours of phone contact to be used as needed within 4 months.

1995.00 AUD

The Leader In You - Level1: Coaching

Our 1:1 Gen-Y Training & Coaching Program - "The Leader In You - Level 1" occurs over 3 months and includes personal Emerging Leader Benchmark Analysis through Hudson Talent Management with insights to your current leadership competencies, plus weekly laser focused training materials and coaching sessions to learn new management skills, determine your goals and support you as you master your leadership approach. You will practising your skills with your staff throughout this program. Module 1:Knowing and Managing Yourself: Module 2: Leading in the workplace

1695.00 AUD